June Astrology Forecast – Transition

JuneForecastLeapingManThe theme for JUNE is TRANSITION.

Most of us are reeling a bit from May’s many lessons around manifesting. Some of us may be dealing with some hard truths around old beliefs, and some are in deep assimilation of choices and changes. We are either exhausted from dealing with huge amounts of energy, or feeling overwhelmed, confused and unfocused. Some of us are stuck in the logjam of our worries and obsessions, and some are feeling inspired by the amazing possibilities that have opened up to us and are ready to move forward.

Whatever state you are in as we enter this month of summertime, TRANSITION is how you could identify it.


In the dictionary it is described as “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”. The time of transition is what follows a decision or choice or situation change that leads to you doing something different. In order to honor the transition that you are in, you need to look at what commitments or decisions you recently made that that you are now processing and assimilating the results of.

Transition time is an active time but can appear passive. Transition requires a suspension of doing things as usual in order to allow for a new energy or pattern to solidify. Feeling unfocused, tired, or spaced out are all legitimate states of being in transition. It is common also to feel somewhat unmotivated and to need more rest than usual. It is a time of assimilation and can be rather instinctive.

Not everyone will be experiencing transition in all parts of life. Some of you may be in transition in just one small part of your life and the rest may be very stable and manifesting itself beautifully. Others of you may have a huge transition going on where you have had to let go of something really significant and the future is not entirely clear. You may be feeling a level of anxiety that makes it difficult to trust the transition.

If you are in transition it means that you are leaving one situation or way of being behind and entering into some new situation or way of being. The nature of transition means that you may not know what the new situation or way of being is quite yet as it may not have manifested completely in a tangible way. It is important that you focus first on the completion of what you are transitioning out of.

Completion requires pulling all of your energy out of what you are leaving behind. Especially if you have been in resistance to something or have had a negative relationship with it, you must neutralize the charge and pull yourself out of the situation or way of being completely.

The theme of manifesting in May has brought up a lot of issues inspiring choices for change. Many are old belief patterns and limitations that have blocked and restricted our ability to manifest. There is definitely movement afoot for changing that which has held us back and the ensuing transition time needs to be honored and respected as a necessary passage. The most important lesson is to allow whatever time it takes to complete the transition. Some will be faster than others.

There are some of you that are masters of transition. In fact you are so good at it that you never seem to move out of transition. This can be due to having too many incomplete completions, too many roots in the past and too many past patterns still running the show. Your conscious mind may be ready to move on but there may be work to do on another level to fully disengage from what is holding you back. If you have been in transition for far too long, you may be sitting on the fence and swimming in ambivalence about completing something from the past. It may be time for you to revisit the patterns regarding your identity and to change your relationship with your past in some way.

There are others of you that resist transition at all costs. You procrastinate and dig your heels in for fear that change will be something you cannot handle. This is especially true for those of you with stubbornness. If you resist or fear the change that will bring about transition, start with some baby steps and allow transition in small increments to begin with. Sometimes to clear a logjam you need to move one log at a time.

The purpose of these times we are in is to become more comfortable with transition since change always brings about transition and the one thing we can be certain about these days is change. So embrace change by completing with the past and trusting the future.

How the month shows up:


This is a very powerful time to honor any transitions that affect you personally. Consider that your relationship with yourself is in transition. What have you believed in the past about yourself regarding what you were capable of or limited to? In May you glimpsed either what was possible or what was impossible and that has triggered some kind of transition in your belief system. You might be experiencing any of the following: hope, fear, inspiration, excitement, expansion, dread, disappointment, despair, gratitude or neutrality. Whatever you are experiencing it is part of the transition.

It is important during this month to evaluate what is in transition in your life and what is not. If you are in transition, what are you transitioning out of? The more conscious you can be about this process the more powerful it will be. Remember that it is the relationship that you had with something that is changing. And it is helpful to the process if you can complete what you are moving away from by making sure you release any personal patterns of energy the past still might hold. (You can get help with this on our June Support Mp3)

You have an opportunity this month to work through any issues that have come up for you recently regarding how and what you are manifesting in your life. If you have made recent choices that have thrown you into an overwhelming time of transition, allow the time and space you need to assimilate this change.


When relationships are in transition, they lose their footing for a period of time. This month many relationships will be in transition and their form or purpose will be redefined. Until they land in a new configuration, they may feel ungrounded and confusing. Until clarity comes, it is best not to try and define too strongly what a relationship is or is not in your life. If someone is in your life, it is for a reason and that is all you have to know. Allow a higher purpose to guide where the relationship wants to land.

The principle of completing the past is very important in the area of relationship. As you transition out of one relationship container make sure you have released any energy that has gone into creating the pattern of the previous container.

Relationship is not only with other people. This is a good time to examine where you are in transition in your relationship with all aspects of your life. Where are you in transition? Have you completed and dissolved the old one?


All weather patterns, and cycles, and what we believe to be true about the environment are all in transition. Examine your resistance to change in the environment. If you are in resistance, where do you hold that in your body?

The universe is made up of patterns. The environment holds layers of patterns solidified by experiences both individual and collective over lifetimes. There is a drought pattern, a flood pattern, a famine pattern, a pollution pattern, a conflict pattern, a plague pattern and so on. We all hold bar codes in our personal field to these patterns as we have experienced them at one time or another. So when there is a drought, our own pattern to it is activated. Working proactively to break these patterns is extremely helpful and supports the transition of the environment away from what no longer serves the collective and towards a healthier more balanced environment.

(Work with this concept is also included in this month’s support Mp3)


The body is always in transition. It is always digesting something, eliminating something, consuming something, growing something, destroying something, creating something, expressing something, healing something and moving away or towards something. If it is awake it is moving towards sleep and if asleep it is moving towards being awake.

The body also holds information in the form of patterns in the bones and teeth. Injuries to the body are often a result of an attempt to break or release something old. Each part of the body corresponds to a series of potential issues.

(Suggested audio to learn more about the body “the Body as a Map audio series #1,2 and 3)

Digestion/elimination and respiratory issues may be up this month. Energy that is old or belongs to someone else cannot be digested and could cause difficulty in elimination. Skin rashes, liver heat, abdominal discomfort, colon issues can all manifest this month. Respiratory challenges and allergies can also be an issue. Assimilation is related to the 4th chakra and the lungs, and what you take in and what you release. (More on this in the monthly support Mp3)


Many businesses, partnerships, companies, and work structures may find themselves in transition this month. Transition always feels unstable, however it is often the road to greater stability in the end. There is still quite a bit of movement in this area of business and finance and the theme of manifesting for May is still working its way through, prompting transition where change occurs.

Patience is required as well as trust in the right timing. IF a situation truly feels stuck, it may be time to stimulate transition by making a radical change. This is also an area where completion and the release of old dreams, plans, intentions and structure that is no longer viable will be very important to consider and take action on. Anything that holds old energy will hold you and your project back.

In terms of partnerships, if one person is stubbornly holding on to “what is was supposed to be” instead of transitioning to a new place, you may have to reconsider the configuration of the partnership. Restructuring something is always a good way to move into transition.


June 1-7: This is an important time of assimilation, rest, acceptance and contemplation. Whatever the universe has handed you in terms of your own lessons and whatever transition you have been thrown into, be in gratitude neutrality and acceptance. Slow things down, take something off your plate and give yourself plenty of time to be in assimilation. This may feel like an instinctively centered time, which is appropriate for the depth of the personal work being assimilated.

June 8: New Moon is at 9:59 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). New Moon is always s a still point and an opportunity to reset. This month it should truly support being still and offer you the gift of time to go within and be internal. Take some time to just sit and contemplate, be in nature and honor the space between the past and the future as being right in the present where everything and nothing exist at the same time.

June 8-15: There is movement here and a desire to connect with others in community and around common interests. The connection with others spiritually feeds and supports TRANSITION on many levels. This is a wonderful time to expand your circle of support, of friends and to build new relationships that are seeded in these times of transition. Beware of judging yourself against others and practice the acceptance of being in the right place no matter what it feels like.

June 16-22: A time of receiving. Insights, support, new relationships, ideas, the fruits of your personal work, are all possible at this time. This is a higher centered window of time right before the summer solstice that can inspire you in higher emotion and higher mind resulting in a greater understanding what is possible. This is also a time for truths to manifest and the veil to lift off old limiting beliefs leading to an anchoring of a new expansion. Transition is more comfortable and even inspiring and you may be excited about what’s next instead of in dread.

June 20: Summer Solstice is at 11:04PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). This is definitely a time to celebrate what’s new, what is coming, where your transition is taking you, and what’s next as well as to be in gratitude for the many gifts and support you have received along the way. The desire for being in love with others and life and the future is strong and we would advise being around people who are on the same page as you.

June 23: Full Moon is at 5:34AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) On the heels of the Solstice, this is an exalted time and much of the aspects of the solstice also hold true for the full moon. There is some need for boundaries and protection and being grounded as the level of this exaltedness can throw you off into such an expanded state that you can lose focus and become vulnerable to other people’s energies that go beyond just sharing a vision.

June 24-30: Celebrate transition. Be grateful. Pay attention to details. This is kind of a last call and chance for clearing the old and making important choices that will put you where you want to be in the future. This time calls for courage as well as power, commitment and discipline. If you said you wanted it, now is when you commit and follow your intention with the discipline it requires in order to make it happen. Spirit will respond to your prayers and support your change and transition. This is definitely a time where you could see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Keep working on those patterns and never look back.

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