Our essential oils have been sourced from some of the finest producers we could find. Whenever possible we have focused on small farmer and family owned distillers who offer high quality oils. Unless otherwise noted, our oils are not diluted or altered in any way (we do offer some oils – rose and jasmine – diluted in organic jojoba). We offer numerous organic oils and anticipate expanding our organic line in the future. Our essential oils are stored in a cooled, dark room in dark amber bottles and blanketed with nitrogen gas. This helps to reduce oxygenation and deterioration of the oils. Samples of our essential oils are available. We encourage you to try out our oils before committing to making a larger purchase. Most samples ship in a full 1ml perfumer’s vial. The more precious oils and absolutes such as rose otto, jasmine, tuberose, etc. are very small samples approx .2 ml volume. All samples ship for free!