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Solstice Update

Wishing you a  sacred Solstice and a Wonderful Holiday Season form all of us at Ancient Ways Botanicals. The following is written by Lena Stevens of www.thepowerpath.com Dear Friends, The Winter Solstice is on Friday, December 21 at 3:11 AM Pacific Time. This is one of the most important time frames in our history. Although […]

New Moon Update

Dear Friends, The New Moon is Thursday, December 13 at 1:41 AM Mountain Standard Time. (so really the night of the 12th for those in US time zones) There is also a meteor shower this night. This is a time to be with your “tribe”, the people who really get you and who will likely […]

December Astrology Update: Forgiveness

The theme for December is FORGIVENESS. Since this is also a transition month and a time of intense completion and change, I toyed with other themes but forgiveness seemed to be the one that was the most important. There are subthemes of transition, completion and change as well as dis-organization. Disorganization is different than chaos. […]

Full Moon Update

Dear Friends, The full moon with a lunar eclipse is Wednesday, November 28 at 7:46 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time). This is a very potent moon and the eclipse is a marker for deep change. Celebrate. Do something higher centered and involving art or music or nature or love. Engage in physical life fully and […]

November Forecast 2012

  The theme for November is TURBULENCE. Put your seat belts on! Storm Sandy Storm Sandy was an incredibly powerful event and we all know what the physical aspects were of this amazing and devastating storm.Sandy is a true agent of change, birthed of wind and water, sweeping through previously perceived stable environments, wreaking havoc,chaos […]

New Moon

New Moon is Monday, October 15 at 6:03 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Take this day and do something to simplify your life. Do something creative and simple and fun. If you are making it complicated, notice this, and turn to simplicity whenever possible. Spend a little time today just doing nothing but being in the […]

October Astrology Forecast

October astrology forecast with the theme of evaluate – adjust- create is here.  Enjoy! The theme for October is EVALUATE-ADJUST-CREATE. This month is much more intellectually oriented where much comes up for review and evaluation. It will be about making decisions, being practical, and doing what you know is best. For some, this time comes […]