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Lift those tough stains, the natural way!

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Transport your senses with AWB diffuser blends.

Stay in without losing the PNW spirit. Try a diffuser blend to bring the outdoors in, and keep the good vibes rolling.

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We started this business
with a mission

To deliver high quality, natural, and sustainable products that improve our customers’ lives.

If our products don’t fulfill their intended purpose, or they wreak havoc on the communities they come from, they don’t belong on our shelves. We wouldn’t sell you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, and that’s our guarantee.

Behind every great essential oil is a great carrier oil.

Whether you want a salve, cream, or massage oil, carrier oils are the chariot your highly-concentrated essential oils await. Each oil is as unique as the plant it came from, and which one you choose is entirely up to you. But fear not, each of our carrier oils is sourced from only the highest quality ingredients. So, how do you choose the right carrier oil?

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Essential oils are more than just an extract.

They embody well-being and good health, from the outside, in. Whether it’s tending to your home, rejuvenating your mind, or healing your body, essential oils are the inspired alternative your body and home will thank you for.

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Ancient Ways Botanicals is a family‑owned business.

We started AWB with the dream of sharing our knowledge and passion for the benefits of essential oils. Holistic care has deep roots in human history, and our ancestors knew a thing or two about using nature's gifts to improve their quality of life.
We've seen it for ourselves, and that's what we're here to share with you: quality ingredients, locally and sustainably sourced products, and an investment in all the people we meet along the way.

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We wouldn’t sell you anything
that we wouldn’t use ourselves,
and that’s our guarantee.

Essential Oils For the Woodsperson

The secret is out: if you want to improve your psychological well-being, support creative thinking, and protect your physical health, you need to get outside for at least 120 minutes a week. Over 1000 studies have confirmed that time in… Read More

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