Autumnal Equinox

The Fall Equinox is Saturday, September 22 at 8:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

This is a good opportunity to do a ritual or ceremony to honor something you are changing and releasing; Something that comes from an old pattern from the past that still triggers and runs you. Choose something that you have been working on this month, something that has triggered you and sent you into reaction and work with it. It should also be something that you have identified as being in the way of moving forward and taking action. Ritualize it or symbolize it through writing or drawing, or choose an object to represent it; burn, bury or destroy it, and then most importantly allow a new vision, energy and intention to fill you up. It is powerful to do something like this in a group, but at the least, do it yourself.

This is a powerful time of transition. Not only are we on the heels of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, but many other astrological influences are forcing change. It is truly a powerful time. and you can either go kicking and screaming or you can enjoy the process. We suggest you enjoy it and be amused at the outrageousness of the times, the behavior, the opportunities and the challenges!

Blessings, Lena

This post was written by Lena with the Power Path School of Shamanism at