Using essential oils in our yoga practice

A few weeks ago I interviewed an amazing yoga instructor, Anne Van de Water,

about using essential oils in yoga and how it relates to the five elements and the Chakras.  I will post a video of this interview early next week, but for now I want to highlight some of the things she said.  First let me say that I think Anne is a stellar yoga teacher.  She has also formed an amazing new practice called Vibrational Transformation, which is an 8 week program to help people  raise their vibrational level in their life so that they can fulfill their mission and purpose in life.  I always enjoy hearing her perspective on life and yoga.

Anne spoke of how we embody all the elements: earth, air, fire, water, space and that through this we are the living embodiment of all of existence.  She talked about the importance of setting an intention behind our actions and then letting them express.  Our intention is what gives what we are doing and expressing mojo.  We need to fully embody and empower all elements.  For example, working in yoga  Chakra by Chakra or element by element, we are working with, and helping to express, the elements since each Chakra is related to an element.  When she works with the Earth element and the First Chakra, she uses sound vibration, color therapy, and scent (essential oils) to promote and provoke the experience on every level and to activate, clear, and cleanse to allow that Chakra to flow.  There are essential oils that are related to each Chakra and element.  For example, essential oils that help for grounding, help to implement the earth element.  The same is true for air, fire, water, and space.  While working through the Chakras and elements, the yoga instructor or practitioner anoints the Chakra with the appropriate essential oil, while  talking about the element and helping to set clear intentions. For example, when she focuses on the Earth element and the first Chakra, she anoints with or diffuses an essential oil that helps get the earth energy flowing. She also talks about earth-based wisdom and earth-based living to help set clear intentions in our mind.

Anne helps us understand that we all have true nature, enlightened consciousness within us.  Essential oils help to clear and cleanse away lower based emotions that distract us from experiencing the higher spiritual realities and invoke higher levels of consciousness.

Anne’s words help me form a clear picture in my mind of how essential oils, used in association with yoga, can promote and provoke our connection to the five elements and help us embody our true nature.  Thank you Anne!

Soon I will be sharing ideas for essential oils to use with each yoga pose in association with the element and Chakra that pose is focused upon.  Stay tuned!