Window to the Soul: Qi Gong and Tai Chi

This last week I had the honor to co-facilitated a Courage to Lead retreat for non-profit leaders with Ruth Forman and Ken Saxon.  Ruth is both a successful poet and a Qi Gong and Tai Chi Master.  Ken and I invited Ruth to co-facilitate and offer movement as a window to the voice of our inner teacher, our inner wisdom, our soul.  In a way that was filled with grace, gentleness, strength, and beauty, Ruth helped us open to our inner teacher through our bodies and our minds.  Reflections and thoughts emerged without effort, teaching us exactly what we needed to learn at that moment.

Through one of the exercises, which was focused on balance and walking followed by questions to stir creative writing, the metaphor of taking steps in life clarified how I need to take steps in my own life.  Here are my reflections:

“To be balanced, I have to commit to each step fully, with focus, attention and intention.  Although the direction of my steps can change, it sends me off balance it it changes mid-step.  Change in direction requires greater focus and can cause imbalance until the direction is in focus.  Uneven surfaces caused anxiety until I became familiar and committed once again to the step on that surface.  When I am sure, committed, and in balance, I feel grounded.  My feet say thank you for this Earth. The Earth asks my feet to connect.”  When I apply these thoughts to the steps I am taking in life, it all applies. I found that the simple practice of walking with great attention to balance can help me understand how to feel more balanced and grounded in my life.

In another exercise, where we practiced taking our breath and movement into deeper spaces, we listened intently to our inner knowing and let it speak.  What I hear there was the word Presence.  When I asked Presence what it needed upon Ruth’s request, it answered trust.  I need to trust the value of being present and being with the flow of the Earth.  This presence will bring me the greatest gifts in my life and allow me to give with the greatest generosity and greatest gifts of myself.  I need to trust that it is wroth the time.  Trust that I can handle this openness and the inwardness.  Trust that I won’t be giving up enjoyment, trust that I won’t be hungry, trust that I will be fulfilled, trust that I will have enough – enough time, enough money, enough love, enough food.  Presence also told me that if I forget this, I need to practice more – more QiGong, more Tai Chi, more Healing Circles, more meditation, more yoga.    I need to practice at least one of these every day.  I need to trust that it is what I want and need. When asked, if there is a key for me, the key is body movement to release old wounds and stored up locks to the flow of energy.  Movement will unlock stored fears and anxiety.

I was surprised that what I need in order to be more presence is trust and movement.  All this learned through  a Qi Gong practice and simple reflective questions that followed.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi allow the free flow of energy in our bodies, allowing us to connect deeply to ourselves and our inner wisdom and promoting the energetics of health and well-being.  Our Energy and Focus aromatherapy blend would be perfect to use in a diffuser as you practice.  This is a refreshing and stimulating blend that uplifts and encourages the vital flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body and mind. This synergy of bergamot, basil, rosemary, and thyme will improve your focus and energize your body.If you would like to try Qi Gong, go to  to get a taste.