New Moon

New Moon is Monday, October 15 at 6:03 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Take this day and do something to simplify your life. Do something creative and simple and fun. If you are making it complicated, notice this, and turn to simplicity whenever possible. Spend a little time today just doing nothing but being in the void. Watch your reactions to this. Slow down. Sit. Think. Create. Simplify.

The whole weekend is a good time to reset anything in your life that is calling for a reset. Start with yourself and what you do each day. Notice where the energy leaks are and where you are spending dead time or time that does not serve you. Eliminate the leak, change something, and add something that serves you. Then go to your environment and do the same. Remember that October is about evaluating what works and what does not. Don’t get too busy to spend some time with this. Whatever gets reset this month will be anchored well as a new pattern. So watch what you ask for. New Moon is always a good time to set intentions too. So even if you are not yet in a position to implement a change that is needed, you can set an intention, a time frame deadline and then give it over to spirit.



This post was written by Lena Stevens at and used with permission from Lena.