Aromatherapy and essential oils to help you stay grounded and invite the spirit during the Holidays

Old Growth Douglas Fir in Snowstorm

How can we stay grounded and invite the spirit during this solstice time of the year?  It is such a time of paradox with the dark, long nights and potentially confronting our own darkness, while simultaneously a time of clarity, intuition, and heightened spirituality.  It can also be a time filled with the joy of family and gift giving, while feeling overwhelmed with shopping and materialism.  Andrew and I have found that the intentional act of diffusing certain aromatherapy blends or essential oils that ground us, while heightening our sense of spirituality and connection, brings us back to a sense of well-being, groundedness, and welcoming the spirit during the Holidays.  Here are the ones we recommend.
I hope your Holidays are filled with love, laughter, groundedness, and connection to spirit. Kim

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