These golden leaves falling to the ground on this lovely autumn day are bringing me a sense of tranquility today.

 “Your identity is not equivalent to your biography. There is a place in you where you have never been wounded, where there’s a seamlessness in you, and where there is a confidence and tranquility.”   – John O’Donohue –

At Ancient Ways Botanicals, we are focusing on staying grounded during the Holidays.  Today I am thinking about tranquility.   What brings us tranquility in our lives?  It seems to me that it has to do with being OK with our life just as it is.  What in the Buddhist tradition is called “suchness.”  Resting in the suchness of what is.  Not pulled away by hope of what may be or running away for fear of what is.  We seem to amp up our experience to get out of what is.  Somehow this moment just cannot be  enough just as it is.  What if at this very moment it is all enough just as it is.?

The mind immediately jumps to questions such as, “How could it be enough?  There is war.  There are people who are hungry and cold.  How could this be enough?  How can we accept the suchness of what is when this is reality?”

How can we be at peace when we see or are experiencing suffering?  Enlightened people form throughout history who have found great inner tranquility and peace all speak of their awareness of great suffering.  Ghandi, Buddha, and Jesus did not turn their eyes away from suffering by finding inner peace.  They opened their hearts to the suffering of others.  Out inner peace is not dependent upon our awareness of suffering.  In fact, we suffer more by continuously searching for happiness, joy, and peace, rather than accepting it as possible in this moment.  Peace does not have to be out there.  Something that we feel only if there is no suffering or if there is peace in the world.

Inner tranquility does not mean not feeling pain. We can experience the pain of others or the pain of the world without reacting, with having an open and peaceful heart, and without drama.

As the western world has worked to remove suffering from physical pain, uncomfortable temperatures, hunger, etc, we have actually increased our inner suffering from our desire and fears. Our need for protection, our need for material goods and consumption, our need for something that is always out there that will make us feel better or safer.

What if right now, just as things are, it is enough and we are OK?  What if we stopped struggling and accepted that our inner turmoil does not make the world or ourselves better?  What if at this very moment, we are OK with ourselves and our lives just as they are?  If you try this , even just for a moment, what do you experience?  What comes up for you?  What are your questions?

For me, as I practice this “suchness” and stand in the tranquility of this moment, it helps to have physical reminders.  The aroma of the Tranquility Blend helps bring me back to allowing this moment to be enough.

I welcome your sharing, questions, comments.

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