Wild Love for the World

This morning I am listening to Krista Tippett interview Joanna Macy.  It is a tribute to loving our world with all that is right and all that is wrong.  Macy says that we are in a pivotal time in history with the possibility of unraveling or of creating a life-sustaining human society. In Macy’s words,   “There is absolutely no excuse for making our passionate love for our world dependent on what we think of its degree of health – whether we think it is going to go on forever.  This moment you are alive.”


Here is the link to the program, A Wild Love for the World (Nov 2, 2012).


Joanna Macy is a Buddhist philosopher of ecology and a translator of the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. Now in her 80s, Macy has always been ahead of her time. She worked with the CIA in Cold War Europe and the Peace Corps in post-colonial India. She even took up environmental activism long before it became mainstream. Krista Tippett first interviewed Joanna Macy in 2010 after a man-made ecological disaster: the Gulf Oil Spill. Macy says we’re now in a moment she calls “The Great Turning” — a transition from an industrial society to a society that’s life-sustaining. Macy finds inspiration for this vision in Rilke’s poetry; and she uses that poetry to find meaning in the great dramas of our time — ecological, political, and personal.


Listen to the full show at http://www.elabs7.com/ct.html?ufl=5&rtr=on&s=fj6,ym6q,dv,79×0,fw35,7qaf,dn2u