Awaken to the Beauty of the World: Aromas for the Cosmic Shift

This Winter solstice marks a time of significant transition.  It marks a transition from selfishness to brotherhood, from individualism to collectivism and from an anthropocentric life to a biocentric life.  According to the Mayan calendar this solstice marks the beginning of the age of flowers.  Flowers and plants are going to thrive and become our critical allies in this new time.  It will be a time when our very existence will depend on our recognition of our interdependence with all of life. Our ability to perceive the absolute beauty of the world and become conscious of our relationship with the plants we are dependent upon will be critical to our survival and well-being.

Our relationship with plants now can help prepare us and guide us through this transition.  They can help us open and awaken to this beauty, to the power of plants, and to the guiding presence that they offer to us all the time if we can learn to listen.  Many of us face challenges in our life that block us from this deeper connection. For example, some of us may face deep grief around losing the old structures of life that we are used to, or we may be faced with an inability to surrender to our own interdependence, or we may be filled with fear or anxiety that prevents us from connecting deeply and being present.  There are plant aromas and properties that are available that can help us through these challenges and support us in our individual awakening.  The one that we need will be dependent upon the  particular challenges that we face.   Here are a variety of suggestions based on different challenges you may be encountering:



Plants are amazingly generous and they are already supporting us in this momentous transition. My hope is that we can open ourselves to their gentle and tender, yet powerful influence.

If you have a specific challenge that you are encountering, please feel free to contact us and we can create a blend especially  for you. You can also make an appointment with our aromatherapist or life coach to help identify the blocks to awakening and provide support as you re-connect to your inner guide.

i invite you to share the connections and awakenings that you are experiencing, as well as the challenges you are facing by commenting on this blog.

With big love, Kim