Chakra Yoga with Essential Oils

What a wonderful way to spend the morning yesterday.  Keri Johnson, our aromatherapist and yoga instructor, held a chakra balancing yoga workshop in preparation for the solstice. She lead us through 4 asanas for each chakra. She put a drop of essential oil specific to balancing each chakra on our palm before each set of asanas.  As she went through the chakras, she shared the balanced qualities of each, as well as its association with the elements of our being.  When we got to the crown chakra, she shared a beautiful guided meditation.  Everyone got a sample of their favorite oil at the end of the workshop.  I felt a sense of peace and joy at the end of the workshop and throughout the day.

Here are the oils that she used for each chakra:

Muladhara, root chakra, earth element ~ cedar wood.

Swadhisthana, sacral chakra, water element ~ Ylang-Ylang

Manipura, solar plexus chakra, fire element ~ Rosemary

Anahata, heart chakra, air element ~ Rose

Vishuddha, throat chakra, space element ~ Peppermint

Ajna, brow chakra, light element ~ Sandalwood

Sahasrara, crown chakra, thought or cosmic consciousness element ~ Frankincense

Susan Bower, a participant in the workshop and a local herbal healer, had this to say, “I began attending classes and practicing Yoga in the late 60ies, and continued well into the 70ies.
Also I began befriending plant allies then, and living much closer to the seasons and big over arching cycles like the solstices–then the equinox solstice sun rose out of a pyramid (Black Lassic) on my distant horizon. I haven’t taken regular classes or practiced regularly since then although I have made it a point to drop in on many a Yoga class in many different places and situations.  I never thought of this as a comparison contest, but yesterday’s class was the best one of them all.  On just about any count I can think of.  Your introduction, Keri, included so much, flowing smoothly from one insight to another, with no sense of detail overload,  or rating us in a hierarchy of knowledge or proficiency–and you carried this throughout the session.  Offering challenges for those who wanted to stretch further, but not pushing anyone beyond their current capacity.  And you exuded a friendly helpful presence.  The plant essences were so gracefully included not as a separate part but as the healing components  they are.  And all on the continuum of the human being’s energy centers, component elements of a vibrant whole.  And bathed in rainbow light and color.  Excellent job.

If you would like to learn more about using essential oils as part of your yoga practice, follow along with my blogs.

How do you use essential oils in yoga? I invite you to share your ideas here.

Looking forward to solstice!  Kim