March Astrology Forecast

The primary theme for March is MOVEMENT.

However, March is a split personality month with the first couple of weeks giving us more of February’s watery course. During this time, watch for continued unexpected emotional debris surfacing from the depths. It may seem like nothing is moving and the surface is quiet, but there is a lot going on underneath. We have called this time period “Roll With the Punches”.

Mid month, the underwater movement comes to the surface as the storm gathers and unleashes its energy in full force much like a sprinter at the Olympics. This sprinter has set goals, dreamed, trained and remained very focused to get where they are and this is the time to put it all together. We are calling this time frame “Ready, Set, GO!”

During the first part of the month it may seem like not much is active as the movement is subtle, unfocused and subconscious. Beware of letting down your guard as we are still in the time of unpredictability. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, strong tides, storms and floods are not always apparent until they actually unleash their power. Remember not to underestimate what goes on beneath the surface and pay attention to the subtle (or not so subtle) signs. Even if you spend a lot of time feeling “spaced out”, just know that there is lots going on that you may not be consciously aware of.

This is a good time to continue to clear out the old. Your goals and intentions that were set at the end of 2012 at the time of the solstice put certain things into motion. All the emotional clearing, dissolving of old patterns, forgiveness, acceptance and flexibility are all a very necessary part of the preparation for what hits us later this month. Even Mercury in retrograde has taught us valuable lessons in paying attention to what is present and in front of instead of impatiently surging ahead before the timing is right.

One of the most important things to do during this time of preparation is to differentiate between what is yours and what belongs to someone else. Expectations, judgments, thought forms, dreams, plans, disappointments and reactions all need to be scrutinized and sorted appropriately. You do not want to be going into the later part of the month with any energy that is not completely yours. This is the time to evaluate and clean house of all energy leaks so that when the action hits, you are ready to go without distraction.

Another important reminder is to stay present and wait for right timing. Don’t try and anticipate the movement but pay close attention so you can ride the wave like a good surfer. If you are not distracted and concerned with other people’s energy, you will instinctively know when the timing is right and be able to make your move without any extra effort.

Protection is also highly recommended during this time. Some of you work daily with the concept of protection but for those of you who are not in the habit, it would be advisable to start a practice of protection for yourself energetically. You can do this through visualization or using a protective smoke such as sage or even placing stones that are good for protection around your immediate environment. Working with protection will help you protect your own individual process from energy leaks and the attention points of others as well as protect you from strong energetic blasts that may come at you from others once we move into the highly action oriented time later this month.

The reason we named the first part of the month “Roll With the Punches” is to address the part of it that feels like being rolled around in a wave of water. No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to clearly see which way is up and which way is down. Anyone who has ever been caught in a wave knows it does not help to fight. The only way out is through surrender or “rolling with it”. The waves in this case are the surprising ways that energy and events will be flowing in and out of your life, washing some things away and bringing you others that were quite unexpected. If you resist, it will not go well. So surrender and “roll with the punches and you will have a much easier time and perhaps even end up in a better place than before.

The second part of the month called “ready, set, GO” pretty much says it all. You better be prepared and preparedness is 30% eliminating what’s in the way, 30% being clear about what you want, and the rest taking action and trusting the support behind you. This could be a phenomenal time of manifesting (finally) what you have been hoping and hoping for. To insure success, you must eliminate all mixed messages to spirit that indicate you are not ready, or you are afraid, or you are uncertain, or you don’t believe it could happen, or you don’t think you deserve it, or that you really don’t want it because then others won’t love you, and a variety of other mixed messages. It is also important that your actions match your intentions. Don’t ask for something if you are not really willing to accept the consequence of having it happen. Be VERY careful what you ask for at this time because you will probably get it.

So be ready. Have all your ducks in a row, your closets cleaned, your plumbing working. Be set and clear about what you want. Make sure its what YOU want. And GO. Take action, say yes and go for it. If you are not focused during the second part of the month you could be sideswiped by big waves of energy coming at you from the wrong direction when you are not paying attention. So pay attention, be directive, be proactive, be focused, and take action. Only go straight!

How the month shows up:


This is one of the best times to finalize “cleaning house” of old subconscious debris as well as eliminating old behaviors and really feeling like you can have a new lease on life as well as new opportunities to have exactly what you want. Your discipline this month will be to stay focused and stick with what you put out there. It is an opportunity to show up in a new way, to stretch your wings and to feel a new sense of power, security and ability to create.

Watch for the self-deprecation that tells you that the good things in life are for “someone else”. Make a choice as to which voice you listen to. This is your time. If you do not take it, someone else will. There is an aggressive nature to the last part of this month that can either be a high octane fuel for your intentions or it can blast you into negativity. The heat of this energetic fuel is intense so it is up to you to decide how to use it. Your experiences will either be intensely wonderful or intensely difficult or maybe even a bit of both.


Good communication is essential during these watery times especially during the first part of the month. It is good practice to communicate clearly what you want, what you expect and what you are asking for. With relationships, this is not a good time to assume the other person will be able to guess what you are thinking, what you want, or what you need.

There is too much miscommunication in relationships and this time frame gives us the opportunity to set the communication piece on the right track.

Fear of rejection or rejecting, avoiding conflict, fear of loss and fear of reaction all play a part in avoiding good communication. If relationships are to take advantage of the coming time where there is great movement forward and the synergy of partnership will be able to provide an exquisite fuel to manifesting dreams, clear communication must be mastered. Don’t wait for the other to make the first move. That is not the position of power. Say what you want and communicate clearly.

The aggressive aspect of the later part of the month may fuel arguments, disagreements and even violence in some cases. The positive aspect is that it will also bring dynamism into relationships that may have been lacking for some.


There is a lot going on under the water, under the ground and in the sky above. Watch out for storms, intensity and unpredictable events. Roll with the punches without judgment and just be prepared for anything. Instead of hoping the weather will cooperate with your plans, plan to cooperate with the weather when possible. Take advantage when the weather is conducive to doing certain things and change your plans when it is not.

On the environmental front, there are great surprising discoveries that are ready to burst upon the public that will change the way we may think about everything environmental. We are approaching a revolutionary time regarding our coexistence on the planet with what we call our environment. It will remain to be seen what we end up creating for our future.

Meanwhile, look to your own backyard. Put your actions where your mouth is. If you don’t believe in something, don’t perpetuate it. Care for your own immediate environment as if it were a mini version of the earth itself. Honor it with gratitude and thank it for its support of you and your life.


Move, move, and move. Dance, walk, run, ski, climb, bike, swim, or anything that moves the body and gets the circulation going. The only way to ground a lot of energy from the outside is to move it through the body increasing circulation and literally training your system to handle more energy. If you are a couch potato, you will certainly be one of those that get sideswiped by a wave of energy coming out of nowhere. You cannot be apathetic, complacent or lazy this month. You will pay.

The adrenals, thyroid, digestion, joints, liver and kidneys are all sensitive to the energy this month. Even though the first part is watery and may feel sluggish, discipline yourself to exercise and move the body. This will help you get prepared for the blast later on. We are always striving for balance but that balance has to synchronize with the greater cycles of energy. So be aware and be present and listen to your body about what it needs. Make sure it is the body talking and not the personality trying to seduce the body through its addictions. Drink lots of water, spend time outside and on the earth and get LOTS of exercise. Increase your intake of trace minerals especially those of you who drink purified water.


Whatever has felt sluggish, stuck, non-moving, at a standstill, slow and ponderous, will get a jolt of movement this month and if you are involved, you may finally see results where before there were none.

If you have been working on getting all the pieces together to start something new in business, this is also an excellent time to do it. Watch for patience and right timing and watch for signs of synchronicity. They will be clues that you are on the right track. IF there is very little movement in a project during the first part of the month, don’t worry. Spend your time eliminating, pruning, clearing space, communicating clearly, and getting ready for the show later this month. May all your dreams come true! Be careful what you ask for.

Those businesses, partnerships or projects that have been held together very tentatively but really need to dissolve will do so this month. The longer you wait to implement the inevitable, the more intense and uncomfortable it will be. Do not procrastinate. You do not want to go into this tremendous time of manifesting dragging dead weight.


We will see lots of movement and feel like finally things are beginning to go in the right direction. During the more active time of the month, watch for flare-ups of tempers, egos, false power and bad behavior. Unfortunately in the world we live in, we will always have some of that. It is important that we emotionally and energetically support all the right decisions and attempts to move forward that we become aware of, and that we have gratitude around what is happening that is positive instead of seeing the lack and focusing only on what still needs to be done.


March 1-7: Still a watery, unfocused time where you may feel unclear, unmotivated, fuzzy and sluggish. If you just change your attitude around this and acknowledge that there actually is a lot of movement and a lot going on under the surface, you will feel a lot better about it. It is only the personality that is judging this as unproductive. Stay out of resistance but at the same time discipline yourself to some routine of exercise or daily movement of the body. It is also an important time to gather with your friends and community to share and support one another during this time of navigating the flow of the unknown.

March 8-15: This begins as an instinctive somewhat withdrawn time where you could feel inhibited, uncertain, non-social, solitary, somewhat depressed and lethargic. Do small tasks and don’t take on anything big. This is the calm before the storm so rather than resist it, enjoy it while it lasts. Eliminate anything that is unnecessary in terms of commitments and energy output and watch your distractions and energy leaks. Work on eliminating what belongs to others from your life and practice protecting your boundaries and your space.

March 10: daylight Savings time begins just after midnight. Turn clocks one hour ahead if you live in a daylight savings zone.

March 11: New Moon is at 12:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This new moon is like a still point with the energy winding down to a point of stillness. When you shut your computer down you close out of all programs and applications and then you need to reboot it to turn it back on. Those of you who leave your computer on all the time know that occasionally it is good to close it down in order to give everything a rest. If you think of your physical, emotional and energetic system as a computer, take this day and shut down. Give yourself a rest, a break, and some space. Do only what you absolutely have to and take the rest of the time to either do nothing or to do something that nurtures the instinctive part of you. We could even say that this is an instinctively centered day and it is OK to spend it in an instinctive way.

March 16-22: The theme begins to change here and you should start to feel more outwardly energized. Mercury goes direct on the 17th and that change will definitely be felt, as there is more momentum, movement, action and enthusiasm. Watch for impatience, scatter and irritation especially when the action moves faster than your clarity. You may feel somewhat chaotic as you attempt to balance and navigate the force of this energy.

Pay attention and stay present. This will keep you protected from sudden possible incidents, accidents, arguments and misunderstandings. Stay out of business that is not yours. The energy is very directed at this time and can cut through situations quickly. Unless it is yours to deal with you really do not want to be caught in the crossfire. Practice staying very focused, determined, clear and intentional.

March 20: Spring equinox March 20, 5:02 A.M. MDT. This is always a great day to celebrate the beginning of something new, a new beginning for any part of your life. We often suggest a ritual of burning the old and then celebrating the space for something new. Celebrate in your own way and keep in mind that the equinox initiates this highly energetic time of manifesting and action.

March 23-31: All systems GO! Not a quiet time to hibernate or hide or rest. This is the time you have been waiting for so go for it. Say yes, be excited, be active, try new things if the opportunity appears and take everything that is going well in your life to yet another level of functioning. This is time that supports bids for power, risks in self-expression, creative endeavors, new relationships, travel, moving, success, abundance and all of your dreams better than you could ever have imagined.

Remember that spirit gives you exactly what you ask for. So watch for martyrdom and disappointment, and self-deprecation and regret, and overwhelm and negativity. Practice gratitude for what and how you are manifesting and then refine your intentions if they are not bringing you what you want.

March 27: Full Moon is at 3:27 AM Mountain Daylight Time. A great time to celebrate much like at the equinox time. Be social, share a good time, let in more light, have fun! It is a time of higher emotional experience of beauty, inspiration, hope, gratitude, thanks and appreciation.

Have a great month!

By Lena with www,

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