Full Moon Update

Dear Friends,
The Full Moon is Thursday, April 25 at 1:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time. The Full Moon comes with a Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) making this indeed a potent time. It is a time to connect more deeply with who you are and what you need and desire at this time for your life. You will be tested. Is this what you really want? If so the time for manifesting is now. The opportunities for expansion and growth are truly amazing and you should spend some good time praying for what you want. Appreciation for what you have is important as well as gratitude for your life. This is a time to honor anything that has happened in a big way in your life even if it is challenging. Look at it instead as spirit presenting you with a big energy. It is not the event itself but what you do with it and how you proceed that will determine whether or not you are on the right track. Practice moving any fear you have towards excitement and enthusiasm. Trust that spirit has handed you exactly what you need regardless of how you may define it as positive or negative. And keep moving forward. Remember that where you focus is what will gather momentum.
If you feel stuck, clean something out!

Written by Lena, www.thepowerpath.com