What are the Beltane Fires?

Flowers in abundance, green grasses, colorful ribbons, dancing as wild beasts, rituals around sacred bonfires, celebration of fertility and sensuality – Beltane.  This ancient Gaelic Holiday marks the beginning of summer. The smoke, ash and flames of the sacred fires are thought to be filled with protective powers, promoting growth and fertility. Beltane is the time of sacred marriage of the goddess and the god, the queen and the king.

May Day celebrations with May Pole dances and the abundance of flowers has been passed down from this ancient Holiday.

FlowersAhhhhhh! Beltane – filled with sensuality.

I invite you to find a way to celebrate this beautiful and fertile time in the Northern Hemisphere.  Bring flowers into your life, have a sacred fire, share stories of protection, celebrate growth and fertility, share love with abundance, appreciate the world through your senses.

Give your sweetheart a massage!  A beautiful synergy of intoxicating oils traditionally known for their aphrodisiac qualities, our Beltane Massage Oil is the sacred marriage of the queen of the night jasmine, with sandalwood, balsam of Peru, and ylang ylang, the flower of flowers.  A massage between two lovers can be sensual and highly enjoyable, and when using this special blend to massage the arms, back, legs, and so on, the result can be physical relaxation and sensually arousing. The entry way to bliss!