Celebrating Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is right now!

This is defiDSCF8088nitely a time to celebrate what’s new, what is coming, where your transition is taking you, and what’s next, as well as to be in gratitude for the many gifts and support you have received along the way. The desire for being in love with others and life and the future is strong and we would advise being around people who are on the same page as you. Do something special to celebrate at this time and make sure you include boatloads of gratitude.  (Written by Lena Stevens, www.thepowerpath.com)

At this moment, I am in Ubud, Bali celebrating Andrew’s and my marriage a year ago.  Balinese are unique in the way they celebrate and show gratitude on a daily basis.  Daily, they make offerings to the things, people, and places they are grateful for such as food, animals, plants, business, anything that supports them in life. They do this by making small bowls or baskets with banana leaves or palm leaves and then filling them with flowers or small mounds of rice, or ceremonial plants, or small objects.  They place these offerings in doorways, in front of businesses, in homes, on cars, or anywhere they want to remember their gratitude or appreciation.  It is a beautiful way to remember to be conscious of what the world provides for us.  I have shared pictures below.

On this solstice day, I invite you to give an offering to anything or anyone for whom you want to offer gratitude.  A flower or a small bit of food or a special object from nature such as a shell, stone,or feather would work fine.  Place the offerings in a meaningful spot and say words of gratitude as you do this.  For me, this simple act of gratitude makes me connect more consciously to the people, places, animals, plants that nurture and support me in my life.

At Ancient Ways Botanicals we are grateful for the healing, nurturing plants of the world and the symbiotic relationship we have with plants that make life possible. Thank you plants for all your beauty and life-giving power.  We will work to stay in balance with you in life and in spirit.

I am also grateful for love, Kim

Examples of offerings today in Ubud, Bali.  The dominant culture is Hindu.

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