What essential oils to take traveling?

Andrew and I are at the tail end of our trip to Indonesia.  We took several essential oils and one herbal supplement with us on our travels and we used each of them and found them to be powerful allies.  Here is what we took and how we used them.

The first essential oil we used was lemon oil.  While in Bangkok on our way to Indonesia, we added it to our bottled drinking water to help us balance our stomach and help clear out any bad bacteria we might be picking up in our food.  The Thai food was delicious in Bangkok and we tried everything.  Lemon oil mixed with tea tree oil it is an excellent disinfectant for surfaces as well.

We also took an herbal supplement, Neme, which is used extensively in India.  It is a good preventative to diarrhea caused from bacteria.  Also, in India, they use it to resist Malaria.  We were traveling in malaria country so we thought it would be a good supplement to take.

We used our Wound Care Salve often.  We put it on any cut, blister, or bruise and it helped things to heal quickly in the tropical weather and prevent infection.  We also used it for chaffing.

We used lavender oil on any burns and insect bites.  I got a bad sunburn and I used it on this as well.  It helped to relieve the pain and helped it heal quickly.  With insect bites it helped to relieve the itching and helped them go away more quickly.

We used ginger oil whenever we felt any indigestion.  It gently relieved any issues.  Andrew also used ginger as a deodorant, and, in combination with peppermint he put it on sore muscles to give a cool, warming sensation and helped his muscles relax and feel relief

Smelling peppermint oil came in handy with preventing nausea when on boat rides or bus rides.  I would put a drop under my nose and a bit on my chest and the back of my neck.  Indonesians use essential oils and herbs seamlessly in their lives.  They have used them throughout history and continue to in daily life.  An example of this was when we were crossing the rough seas between Bali and the Gili Islands.  A woman near me was seasick and the steward immediately brought an essential oil and put it on her neck and had her smell it on his palm.  I am not sure what he used, but it might have been eucalyptus.

I rubbed tea tree oil on my feet whenever I felt concerned about the floors being unsanitary with bare feet.  We also used it for bites and itchy infections or rashes. It is an excellent disinfectant!

One other herbal cure we used was vinegar in Andrew’s ear when he got an outer ear infection from swimming.

These are the oils we have used.  I didn’t used to travel with essential oils and now I wouldn’t travel without them!

You can find all these oil in our Traveling Kit of Essential Oils, which comes in one of our lovely lokta boxes handmade in Nepal.