August Astrology Forecast and Suggested Aromatherapy for Support


AugustForecastAugust 2013

The theme for August is “FOLLOWING THROUGH”

This month you take the expansion and magic of July and anchor it into what you want and what you have committed to. Now the work begins, the real discipline, the paying attention to the details, finishing what you start, sorting through and fine-tuning. It is not glamorous or higher centered as much as it is rewarding to see the fruits of your perseverance and commitment as you keep yourselves from getting distracted. And it can and will be fun if you are following through on something that greatly inspired you to begin with.

There is FOCUS needed to follow through on what you initiated and dreamed up during your time of breakthroughs and expansion. Even if you can’t quite determine what happened for you in July, everyone was affected by an expansive energy and it just may take time for the understanding to settle in. But that is what August is all about. The support for Following Through gives you an opportunity to participate in what is unfolding in your life and to actually enjoy the more organized and solidly grounded energy.

The discipline theme carries over from July and you will get to observe any tendencies towards procrastination and to see where your fears are regarding following through with what you started and committed to. Those of you who have issues around commitment or sticking with something until it’s done may be challenged this month. Its OK to enlist some help especially around tasks that someone else can do. However, this is also an opportunity to be more involved in your life in a way that you may have avoided previously. Following through with something requires taking responsibility for it and seeing it through to the end, whatever that end may be.

There may be lessons around patience, lessons around trust, lessons around acceptance and lessons around how best to manage your energy. There is good and grounded work focus available to be harnessed but if it is not used properly, this energy can turn into conflict, distress, irritation and explosive anger. You may even experience a surge of energy in your body that feels irritated and overactive. Instead of blowing up at someone, harness it for right action and follow-through. (More help with this on the Mp3)

Remember to not take things personally as you will most likely witness a few meltdowns out there in the world. Stay out of conflict and argumentative situations whenever possible, and try not to react negatively to irritations. We are still somewhat under the influence of an expansive time so you want to be sure to focus expansion in positive places in your life. Especially refrain from getting irritated with yourself.

Another important aspect of this month is to allow spirit some room to provide support for your follow through. Your mind does not know everything and especially what may be the best course of action. This is a fine dance between the receptive allowing, and the more active guiding. It is the dance between the more feminine receptive and the action oriented and organized masculine. Be aware of this dance and allow them to work together instead of in opposition. Don’t resist the discipline and focus of the masculine and don’t resist the supportive, creative and somewhat chaotic feminine. Both are essential for balance. Look for synchronicity to know you are on the right track and accept what spirit puts in front of you.

This is also a time of adjustment and fine-tuning. As you follow through on choices and decisions from last month you may find yourself making adjustments where needed. Don’t be afraid of changing and adjusting things as needed as long as you are still moving the process along towards the finish line.

One of the other challenges you may have is having too much on your plate and feeling scattered and out of control and unable to really focus on anything. Again there is a fine line between allowing the guidance of spirit and not micromanaging, and using your own discipline and action plan to stay grounded and focused. If you have too much on your plate, put some things that are not priorities aside for now and focus only on the most important ones. What is important to you? Not to someone else but to you?

Lastly here we would advise giving spirit some room to support you in ways that you could not have imagined. Still under the influence of an expansive and magical time, don’t get too attached to how things ought to manifest but allow them to weave and flow in ways and in timing that is not managed by the agenda of your mind. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of your strong intentions for following through while giving spirit some wiggle room to support you in the best way possible.


To actually see the manifestation of something that started out just as a dream.
To be nourished and greatly satisfied by your own discipline and focus.
To end up with really great habits around being organized and committed.
To feel really good about what you can accomplish when you put your mind, body and heart into something.
To feel fully supported in ways you have not felt before.


Fears of failing or not being good enough.
Irritation and conflict.
Poor energy management.
Being spaced out scattered and ungrounded.
Being swayed by others intentions for you.
Being in resistance.

How the month shows up:


This is a good month for personal growth in the area of discipline and focus. You will have a chance to really observe what you do with this opportunity. If you are a procrastinator we suggest you play a game with yourself to see how quickly you can just “DO IT NOW”. This is also a really good time to revisit your values and priorities. Have you been putting a lot of energy into something that is not really what you want? Maybe it was an old idea or something you got in the habit of doing that no longer serves you. Try not to get irritated with yourself and others as you are releasing or making changes.

Its OK to let go of what is not working. Often these things will show up more clearly after a time of expansion so you can identify what limits you and what’s in the way of your following through with what you really want. This is also a great month to revisit how you use your energy and to anchor some good energy management habits. (Helpful audio Energy Management link here)


Some relationships will need the follow through on what has been started. Some relationships will need fine-tuning. Some relationships will need to be healed and some relationships ended. Wherever a relationship is, this month it will require more energy and focus and commitment.
Because of the strong tendency towards irritation and conflict, this could be a challenging time for some relationships. Watch for arguments that lead to nowhere, and resist the need to be right. It will not serve you in the long run. There could be great drama in relationships this month, crimes of passion and explosive fights. On the other hand you could see greater levels of commitment and a willingness to work things out like never before.
This is a good month to work on your relationship with yourself in terms of discipline and follow through especially in the areas of self-care. Make this a priority.


The environment often follows the themes and expresses the emotions of the collective. This month is no different. We have explosive heat, tendency towards conflict, and a commitment to follow though with something. Environmental issues can be affected as well as weather patterns and climate. Look for extremes in temperatures both ways (hot and cold) and creative expressions of nature.

Watch for surprises of new discoveries that are being influenced by the creativity and expansion of the year. These take some real time to manifest but there may be some on the horizon.


Watch for heat in the liver as it is affected by anger and irritation. Skin problems and rashes may also be a challenge. This is the month to step up the exercise and really move the body. Pent up energy with no release will not be good.

The discipline of self-care is important this month as is taking responsibility for following through with any decision or intention you have about better support of the body. There is lots of help around, don’t be afraid to ask for it.
There is also an opportunity this month to redefine what your body is capable of doing. Examine your own beliefs about your body. Where did they come from? Change something by making a new rule about what your body is capable of or deserving of.


This is a great time to fine-tune any business decisions, partnerships and projects. It is important to pay very close attention to details as they show up. Often when there is a new idea that inspires enthusiasm and brings together a team, the follow through will include the reality check of what will work and what will not. Be accepting, be flexible, be resourceful, and allow support to come from unexpected sources.

If you have too much on your plate, or if your plan is ungrounded, don’t be afraid to cut back, to scale down, to save some for later and to be practical in your decisions. The most important is to make it fun and continue being inspired by your dream. Stay out of conflict.


August 1-7: This is a time of narrow focus, of sorting, of organizing and of brining the vast amounts of expansive energy from July into something more practically manageable. What it could look like is simply doing a task that is in front of you that has been neglected, like cleaning your house or doing your laundry or weeding the garden or finishing your taxes or reorganizing files. Getting your physical environment in order is often the first step in getting organized in other areas of your life.

This is also a time for observing what is on your plate and beginning the sorting process of what you wish to follow through with and what is not important. Watch for that explosive conflicted irritation energy especially at the beginning of the week. Say no to distractions and be disciplined in your follow through.

August 6: New Moon is at 3:52PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a great day to decide on what is most important in your life that you would put your intention and energy behind. Weed out anything that belongs to someone else’s dream and is not truly yours. Make an action plan for following through with what is at the top of your list. Remember to make it fun and don’t forget the self-care!

August 8-15: This could be a really fun time of great breakthroughs and wondrous manifestations. Delight is the operative word for this time. Be delighted at your progress and find delight in the little things and baby steps you are taking to get things done and to follow through. This is also a social time of community and supportive relationships. The lesson is about not going at it alone but asking for help and support and then being delighted about how it shows up.

If this is not a fun time for you, make it fun. It is your life and no one else will make it fun for you. Take responsibility and use the follow-through theme for your intention of having fun.

August 16-22: There is a lot of energy available during this time. It can either irritate you emotionally as well as physically, or you can harness it for discipline, follow through and focus. Make sure you are moving the body during this time.
Conflict and arguments may be high. Don’t take things personally and stay out of other people’s drama. Make sure you get some quality alone time and honor what it is that you want to do. Focus on self and your own disciplines and you will be rewarded. This time also may require trust as doubt could set in around what you have been putting your energy into. If it feels right in your heart, then you just need to trust that it’s the right thing. Look for signs of synchronicity and support coming from unexpected places. Be open, flexible and focused.

August 20: Full Moon is at 7:45PM Mountain Daylight Time. Be physically active during this full moon. Take a hike or a run or a bike ride or go dancing. There is a lot of energy that can be harnessed for your intentions and projects. So it is a good time for a community project where everyone pitches in to get something accomplished. Balance this day with some quality alone time to spend in gratitude for all that you have, and social time with others where you can re inspire each other around your individual projects and intentions. Because the energy is high, it would be a good idea to spend some time on Mother Earth. Focus on grounding and getting support from the earth.

August 23-30: This time is more contemplative and serious. It lends itself to a recapitulation of how well you focus and follow through. Stay out of judgment and negativity especially around situations that are not moving as smoothly as you would like. Think of this time as a reassessment and know that fine-tuning may be necessary. You may feel a dip in your energy level, which is simply part of a normal cycle.

This is where you will need to move into greater trust of spirit and the larger design of your life. A good discipline will be to focus on something mundane that needs to be done like filing papers or cleaning your car. It may not feel related to whatever you have been following through on this month but it will keep the energy moving as things find a new order. Have some fun anyway and use humor as a way to keep yourself positive.

Many of you will experience great satisfaction at this time of your success in following through. Most all of you will be able to acknowledge something you can feel really good about. Acknowledge yourself and be in gratitude.
Have a great month!

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Aromatherapy blends to diffuse in your space or use on your body to support you in this month’s forecast are Clear Intentions Blend and Energy and Focus Blend

A monthly support audio Mp3 with Anna and Lena will help you with further discussion, suggestions, exercises, shamanic support, icaros and guided visualizations. (link here)