It’s not about miracles or magic.

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we aren’t doctors.
we aren’t wizards.

Ancient Ways Botanicals is about understanding the value of long held traditions and knowledge.

We won’t make any bold claims or try to convince you the products we sell contain supernatural properties. We’re just a regular family that has happily benefited from, and is interested in, sharing the art and science of essential oils. Hey, if it's not broken, don’t try and fix it. After all, there’s good reason humans have relied on the healing power of plants for millennia.


located in camas, washington. the heart of the pacific northwest.

We are rooted in a place renowned for its flora and fauna. The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for growing an abundance of high-quality food, incredible outdoor adventures, sustainability-minded communities, and valuing locally established small businesses.

Here, the ultimate boutique experience is doled out at the hands of makers and crafts people, and Ancient Ways Botanicals is no different. We’re a family-owned outfit focused on bringing our customers essential oils that we truly believe will improve their quality of life.

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we haven’t always been in the business of essential oils.

Once upon a time (2012, to be exact), we were like anybody else: stressed, frequently ill, and with a home full of toxic products that weren't solving our problems. Thus began our journey with essential oils and natural products. Before we knew it, the headaches were gone and we felt good. Really good. It's this dramatic shift that inspired us to bring the secret of natural products to our customers.

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Everybody deserves good health, happiness, and safe homes. let us show you the way, naturally.

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