September Astrology Forecast – Faith and Trust

There will be other influences and other themes including Expansion, Creativity, Destruction and Change that will manifest as a result of working with Faith and Trust as guiding principles. We are truly expanding the boundaries of our creativity, perception, and understanding, and moving ourselves into the unknown. The container of our lives needs to be […]

August Astrology Forecast – Consolidation and Priorities

This month is about getting grounded, organized and practical. It is about choosing wisely how and when to gather support and where and into what to put your energy. We slide into August from a bit of leftover chaos and perhaps too many things on our plate. Some of you may be feeling stuck, spaced […]

Growing Pains – July Astrology Forecast

The theme for July is “GROWING PAINS”. Positive Pole: Breakthrough, transformation, maturity, power, freedom, more access to higher centers. Negative Pole: Martyrdom, impatience, resistance, breakdown, negative drama, entrapment in lower vibrations. This month we have reached the time of adolescence in our own growth cycle and evolution. It is emotionally hormonal, reactive against old structures and […]

May Astrology – A NEW ALIGNMENT

“alignment” We have had the theme of alignment before at various times but this month’s focus is different as the main word to pay attention to is NEW. We have been shaken, rattled, taken apart, and sideswiped by the unexpected. We have had to accept change and embrace the unknown. The eclipses of March and […]

Improvement – February Astrology Forecast

 The theme for February is IMPROVEMENT. This month supports us to look closely at what needs improvement in our lives and take some action in that direction. Since Mercury is still retrograde for the first part of the month we have plenty of opportunity to pause, rethink and regroup. This month is about taking many […]

December Astrology Forecast

December has two themes: RESPONSIBILITY and OPPORTUNITY. It may seem that the two themes are not related to each other but they are not only related but also mutually supportive. Hopefully by now we are all more comfortable dealing with the unknown, as that theme from November will continue to influence us over the next […]

October Astrology Forecast – Balancing

The main theme for October is “THE THREE-LEGGED STOOL”. October is a balancing act. The image is of watching a circus act from a place of terror and excitement and then feeling both relieved and exhilarated when the act is successfully completed. This month pushes the edge of everything, forcing expansion, new strategies for balance […]