close up of cloves spice
The Unexpectedly Exciting Story of Clove Oil

Most old wives’ tales are mere superstition; a piece of advice passed down through generations of women. Because they are not rooted in modern understandings of science, most of the time they are simply dismissed as inaccurate or simply untrue.… Read More

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Winter Skin Care Guide

As colder temperatures descend on us for the fall and winter months—the dry air, freezing wind, and constant exposure to indoor heaters all take their toll on our skin. If you’re feeling dried out, flakey, and irritated, it’s not just… Read More

Caring for “Do-Not-Wash” Sports Gear

Whether you’re more active in the summer or the winter months, a lot of gear is not washing machine friendly—which left unaddressed can lead to mold, stench, and even ruined equipment. Whether you are into water sports, winter sports, or… Read More

Eucalyptus & Respiratory Health

Colder temperatures mean better living conditions for viruses, and research shows that most adults get an average of 2-3 respiratory illnesses, per year. But what is a respiratory illness, and how do you know when to see a doctor? Understanding… Read More

Can Aromatherapy Improve Your Health?

Obtained through the process of distillation or cold pressing, essential oils are concentrated pure plant extracts. Although it’s common today to receive medicine in the form of pills, injections, or patches adhered to the skin, humans have been using plants… Read More

Carrier Oils: A Comprehensive Guide

Different carrier oils have different properties, and finding the right carrier oil can make all the difference in the efficacy of your aromatherapy practice and skin care regimen. Depending on your goals, carrier oils can even boost the positive benefits… Read More

Are Essential Oils an Effective Mood Booster?

The further into the brain we go, the older our processing centers become, and it’s thanks to these ancient structures that our sense of smell is so deeply tied to memory and emotion. Humans are capable of recognizing over one… Read More