Wooden shave set and balm.
DIY Beard Balm

If you’re sportin’ a beard, chances are you’re already familiar with the many beard balms on the market. With no shortage of oils on the proverbial (and literal) shelf, the choices can be overwhelming, expensive, and sometimes confusing.  Of course… Read More

Woman and child hiking.
Our Top 7 Favorite PNW Hikes

The Pacific Northwest is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re visiting Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, there’s no lack of natural wonders to explore. We’ve been roaming this region for decades, and we still haven’t run out of beautiful landscapes to… Read More

Orange butterfly in lavender field.
Winter is Coming, but Summer’s Hottest Oils are Here to Stay

Fresh, fruity, and tangy meets floral, light, and sweet to create the ultimate perfect pair this winter. More than a summer fling, lavender and orange essential oils have a wide range of qualities that are beneficial year-round, despite often being… Read More

woman choosing what essential oil she wants
Quick guide to choosing essential oils

The use of essential oils can be a simple practice of choosing to use a body lotion that contains pure and natural lavender essential oil to a practice and way of life where essential oils and natural plant products are… Read More

Woman with a stiff neck
Essential Oils For Pain Relief

As research continues to evolve in the field of natural medicine, knowledge about the vast properties of vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils and other nutraceuticals continues to expand. Essential oils are extremely concentrated extracts that are extremely versatile and useful… Read More

DIY antiviral sanitizing blend product showcase

This is our brand new refreshing DIY sanitizing concentrate blend that can be used in a number of ways. For those of you that may be looking to avoid toxic compounds and harsh chemicals in most store-bought products, this concentrated… Read More

Woman with a cold and fever placing wet towel on her head
Flu Season Protection

Must going through short- and long-term bouts of illness be a mathematical certainty of being alive in this incredibly biologically diverse world? Some experts believe that illness caused by pathogens could be dramatically reduced with clever and well thought out… Read More

Helichrysum on the side of a cliff near the ocean
Sandalwood and Helichrysum

Sandalwood and Helichrysum are two of the most versatile essential oils available today. The difficulty is finding high quality, pure oils that are reasonably priced. Our Sandalwood and Helichrysum are 100% pure, undiluted oils of therapeutic quality. Add them to… Read More

Woman showing another woman in white how to use essential oils
How to Use Essential Oils

Without a doubt, the two most frequently asked questions we receive from folks interested in Ancient Ways Botanicals products are, “Why use essential oils?” and “How do I choose an essential oil?” Since you have found your way to this… Read More

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