Quick guide to choosing essential oils

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The use of essential oils can be a simple practice of choosing to use a body lotion that contains pure and natural lavender essential oil to a practice and way of life where essential oils and natural plant products are the cornerstone of your life. Obviously for the latter, years of study, research and experimentation are needed to develop expertise and knowledge. Courses in aromatherapy and natural perfumery, both in person and correspondence, can be found on the internet. But, everyone’s starting point in the use of essential oils is different and unique. Perhaps your curiosity was peeked besides your grandmother when she crumpled some fresh home grown oregano leaves between her fingers and offered you a smell. Or, you took up the challenge of creating a natural perfume that brought you back to that 4th of July when, as a child,  you first really smelled the  scent of mock orange and honeysuckle and you nearly cried from the joy of the experience!

In either case we offer this guide as a quick reference for choosing essential oils based on their therapeutic uses:



Immune System    

Respiratory System

Nervous System

Digestive System

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