Sandalwood and Helichrysum

Helichrysum on the side of a cliff near the ocean

and Helichrysum are two of the most versatile essential oils available today. The difficulty is finding high quality, pure oils that are reasonably priced. Our Sandalwood and Helichrysum are 100% pure, undiluted oils of therapeutic quality. Add them to your favorite skin care products or use them on their own diluted with jojoba oil.

Our sandalwood is plantation grown on Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Its quality is immediately evident. Vanuatu sandalwood has a soft, rich, creamy, delicately sweet, woody-balsamic aroma and excellent tenacity. The santalol content of Vanuatu Sandalwood is relatively high compared to other sandalwood oils. The high santalol content accounts for its long-lasting fragrance. Use it to relive anxiety, stress and depression. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve itchy, dry and inflamed skin. It can be used as an enticing perfume all on its own.

Helichrysum is an excellent healing oil. It is indicated for chronic skin and pulmonary ailments, spleen and liver congestion, candida, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular aches and pains, depression, nervous exhaustion, and stress-related conditions. It is useful for balancing gall bladder and pancreatic function, regulating blood pressure, prevention of bruises, reducing scars, relief of migraine headaches, prevention of sunburn, and promoting lucid dreaming. Helichrysum has the ability to relax the solar plexus area where emotional blockages are deeply embedded and manifest as negative emotions, thus the release of tension and even the most stuck of emotional knots allows restoration of the emotional body.

Small quantities of these oils go a long way to helping you to good health. Order now:

Vanuatu sandalwood

Organic helichrysum

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