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Summary Chart – Using Essential Oils in Yoga to Awaken the 5 Elements

People have been asking what oils we recommend for balancing the different chakras. I wanted to provide this chart that we created that summarizes the chakras, recommended asanas, as well as essential oils for balancing each chakra.  The oil that we recommend most for balancing each chakra is in italics.  The chart even gives beginning […]

Celebrating the Winter Solstice: Setting Clear Intentions

Winter Solstice is at 9:11 AM Pacific Time on December 21. Do a ceremony around honoring yourself and your own truth. Your desires should be given top priority. Remember you cannot fix or create intentions for anyone else, but you are being invited to set clear intentions for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to dream big. […]

Light Element

Awaken the Light Element: Essential oils and your yoga practice

The Light Element As we move up the ladder of chakras, into the higher mental and spiritual realms, there are no longer earthly elements associated with these chakras. They are more focused on energy flow.  The sixth or brow chakra is associated with the element light. The Sixth or Brow Chakra (Ajna) The sixth or […]

sculpture of body filled with starlight

Awakening the Ether or Space Element: Essential oils and your yoga practice

…we come into a deep meditation on stillness, absorbed and dissolved in the radiance of the stars and the energy of space. The prana that creates and sustains our physical bodies is charged with such divine emotion that the world of light, from which the body was formed, comes into clear vision and the body […]

Air, Earth, Fire, Water: Check Out Our Pinterest Boards

Take a look at our Pinterest Boards at Boards include pictures of yoga asanas and essential oils that balance the elements and chakras of your body.  Here is the cover for the air, water, and earth elements.  Enjoy!  Kim

Awakening the Air Element: Essential Oils and Your Yoga Practice

See earlier articles – Awaken Your Elemental Self: Essential Oils and Your Yoga Practice at for introduction to using essential oils in your yoga practice, the Earth Element, and safety guidelines.  See for blog on water element and your yoga practice.  See for blog on the fire element and your yoga practice. The […]

Lotus Pose and Chakra Colors

Using Essential Oils in Yoga to Balance Your Chakras and Elements

“We embody all the elements: earth, air, fire, water, space.  Through this we are the living embodiment of all of existence.”  – Anne Van de Water, Yoga Instructor.   Giselle Mari is one of a growing number of yoga teachers who are beginning to use essential oils as an integral part of their yoga classes. […]

How to make your own natural deodorant

Make your own all natural, effective deodorant. Free from aluminum and harmful chemicals. See our DIY Deodorant YouTube video. 6 Tbs coconut oil, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup corn starch, 20-30 drops essential oils. If you like a stronger scented deodorant add more essential oils. If it’s too thin add more corn starch. If you’re […]

What essential oils to take traveling?

Andrew and I are at the tail end of our trip to Indonesia.  We took several essential oils and one herbal supplement with us on our travels and we used each of them and found them to be powerful allies.  Here is what we took and how we used them. The first essential oil we […]

What is enough? The Teahouse in Indonesia

Andrew and I are in the middle of a wonderful trip exploring Indonesia. One day wewere on a walk on a a trail through the jungle to some waterfalls when we came upon a little teahouse. Perched on a hillside, the teahouse was a bamboo platform with tables and stools of local hardwood, looking out […]