Ancient Ways Botanicals advocates for the use of essential oils and aromatherapy products for one simple reason: you will feel better!  Plants and the oils extracted from plants have innumerable benefits for people. Sometimes these benefits are obvious, such as when we feel our hearts open when we deeply inhale the rose scented perfume of our lover. Sometimes the effects are more subtle and nuanced as when we notice our mind and body relaxing after we’ve applied lavender lotion before going to bed. You will feel better because using the natural and pure botanical oils derived from plants helps connect you to the natural world.

Why is this something you may be interested in? Part of modern culture has been the separation of humans from the environment and nature itself. We use products for our homes, bodies, and babies that are filled with questionable chemicals and manufactured substances derived from chemist’s laboratories rather than natural and pure plant oils which have evolved on the planet and have been familiar to humans for millennia. The synthetic chemicals that are the basis of modern products are absorbed by our skin and circulate through our system with unknown consequences. They wash into the water system and environment where they end up in everything from drinking water to mother’s breast milk. Many are stored in our body and remain deep in our tissues for years. Most body care products and perfumes on the market today contain a cocktail of chemicals some of which have only been made available recently. Many of these synthetics have not been tested and there is no long term data on their health consequences. The impact on your immediate and future well being is unknown. Our sense of smell and taste have become subordinate to advertisements telling us what to experience. Synthetic chemicals can formulate scents that illicit an experience close to that of  smelling authentic jasmine or a pine forest in mid summer or orange blossoms but it is nothing more than a team of chemist’s closest approximation to the true scent; an approximation arrived at by the use of cheap mass produced synthetic chemicals. We begin to distrust our own experience and rely on others telling us what our experience should be. Ancient Ways Botanicals’ natural and pure essential oils, aromatherapy products, and Healing Circle products and practices help address the unease brought about by the use of synthetic chemicals by bringing the natural world to your doorstep and indeed, into your home and life!