As we move through the year together we will be following the seasons of the year as they correlate to the symbolic seasons of the human journey. Our lives move in cycles, much like nature moves from one season to the next. The harvest and seed time of fall leads to the darkness and dormancy of winter which ushers in the emergence and rebirth of spring which opens to the fullness and fruitfulness of summer.

“We have our summers of sunny pleasure and our winters of discontent, our springtimes of renewal and our autumns of necessary decay. We are essentially rhythmic, musical. Patterns that define us return again and again, and in these returns we find our substance and our continuity, our original nature and our identity.”
—Thomas Moore

Just as we experience nature’s cycle of renewal through the seasons, so we experience natural cycles of engagement and withdrawal, love and loss, creativity and despair. Using the metaphor of the seasons to frame our exploration and taking the time to reclaim our relationship to these cycles provides a safe way to explore ourselves and cultivate our relationships and connections to nature, ourselves, and each other.

The seasons correlate to the human journey through life. Spring is the season of new beginnings, joy, awakening, birth, and consciousness. It is filled with the yellow light of love. It represents the childhood years. Summer is the season of transformation, activity, and manifesting intentions. It represents the dynamic young-adult years. Autumn is the season to reflect on life, to find deep peace in silence and stillness, and to reconnect to the flow of energy. It is a time of letting go and surrendering. It represents the insightful, mid-life years. Winter is the season to rest, restore, and rejuvenate, to prioritize and focus on what is most dear. It is also a time to grieve and move through darkness. Winter represents the wise and spiritual senior years.