Ancient Ways Healing Circles offer simple practices and opportunities that help us rediscover our connection to the rhythms and spirit of nature, to our wholeness, to our health, and to each other, providing us a chance to cultivate a better world. Many of us feel a deep sense of longing to find greater meaning in our lives. We know there is something nature is teaching us and providing, yet we cannot seem to reach it. We long for deeper connection to each other, but we find ourselves too disconnected from ourselves to know how to reach out and share our own vulnerability and needs. We want to help the world and heal our social systems, but we often feel powerless. Creating a better world starts with inner change. Ancient Ways Healing Circles offers simple practices and a supportive environment that nurtures us on our journey toward connection, wholeness, and healing.

Michael Meade, founder of the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, describes the need for communities of practice such as Ancient Ways Healing Circles:

“We reclaim meaning in our lives by rekindling our connection to ancient wisdom and universal truths. The way to contribute to healing and balance in the world is by becoming our unique self. By learning our whole self we are automatically contributing to benefit of culture and world. Our path to ourselves is through nature. We have nature in our bones and soul. Through reconnecting to nature we contribute to healing and balance of the world.”

At Ancient Ways we believe that each person has an inner guide, an inner teacher, a core of wisdom that is speaking softly and gently to us all the time. By opening and taking time to listen deeply to ourselves, each other and the world around us, we can re-connect to this inner wisdom and the wholeness of our being. Through the Ancient Ways Healing Circles, we will offer opportunities to listen to ourselves and nature, as well as opportunities to share our stories and insights with each other. We will be offered an opportunity to form a community of support to help sustain us on our journey toward wholeness.

Create a personal Healing Circle and learn a simple healing circle ceremony.