As we move through the seasons, we will offer you a variety of practices that will support your exploration of yourself in relation to the seasons. These practices will come in the form of a weekly email communication. Explorations will all be supported by specific essential oils that connect us to the wisdom, nourishment, and healing of the plant world. The simple act of using botanicals helps us pay attention to our life practices, our health, and our relationships. The transformational power of botanicals through their essences, oils, and other properties can help support the journey to our inner wisdom and wholeness. In our Healing Circle, we will listen to our inner teacher, the voices in our healing circle, and the healing power of the plants that have been used for centuries to help open awareness, evoke the sacred, bring joy, heal the body and uplift the spirit.

A variety of practices will be offered each season.

  • Personal reflection enhanced through the use of the seasons, poetry, art, or music that helps us reflect on ourselves.
  • Practices that encourage our intuition, sensitivity, awareness, observation:
    Intuition is direct knowing. It is the incredibly effortless perception that connects us via our body to everything in the physical plane, and through our heart to our soul and all other souls – even to the core consciousness of trees, rocks, birds, and simple household objects. Intuition is immensely useful in the world for practical purposes. It is also a vehicle for knowing, becoming, and creating from the soul. Practices will include listening to our bodies, observation, awareness, mindfulness, visualizations, and use of our senses.



  • Creative acts:
    Through simple creative projects we access our inner teacher, our knowing, and our sensitivity to the world.
  • Setting intentions
  • Meditations and silence: Focus on a single quote, idea, or passage from wisdom teachings around the world.
  • Healing and Health:
    Simple practices for healing and health including simple relaxation techniques, breath control, anxiety relief, nutrition, and exercise. Suggestions for healthful solutions to common ailments and illnesses or environmental challenges such as allergies, mosquitoes, and sunburn.
  • Connecting to Nature:




Simple ways to connect to nature and the cycles and rhythms of which we are a part.


  • Ceremonies:

    Blessings, affirmations, clearing, attracting, integrating, and manifesting ceremonies that help manifest our intentions and connect us to nature.
  • Loving Kindness and Gratitude:
    Simple actions we can take to have practice gratitude and give back to the world so that we can multiply acts of kindness, beauty and generosity.
  • Body in Motion:  Physical activity that helps bring your intention into reality.
  • Ancient practices:

Stories from the past of connecting to nature, health, and healing.


  • Cultivating Presence