Below you will find a list of essential oils, aromatherapy blends, and other items that will be referred to over the next year (2012-13) in our Healing Circle Community. You do not need to have all these items to enjoy and work with the practices that are suggested. If you would like, we offer a [button link=”” size=”small”]Seasonal Sampler[/button] , in which we will include a sample of one of the essential oil or aromatherapy blends for each week’s practice throughout a season. This is an excellent way to be introduced to different oils and blends. You are also welcome to order the oils and blends as you are introduced to a practice or pick and choose the oils and blends as they peak your interest.

To learn how to use essential oils, go to How to Use Essential Oils.

When using essential oils, there are safety guidelines to follow. Please read these before using any essential oils or aromatherapy blends.

Often your response to an essential oil or aromatherapy blend is a guide to what you need. You will either be drawn to or repelled by oils depending on whether that oil will benefit you or not. While using the different oils, you are invited to engage your curiosity regarding when you are repelled or attracted to a specific oil or blend. You can explore the qualities and properties of that oil and wonder why you are responding in a specific way. Often, if you are repelled, it means the oil is not something you will benefit from and you may not want to have the scent in you proximity. If you would like an alternative to any of the oils recommended in a practice, we would be happy to suggest one.

Let us know how we can help. There is lots of information about the different oils and blends on the website. As always, if you have any questions, please email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


For the Body
For the Mind and Emotions
For the Spirit
For the Seasons of Our Lives Babies and Children:

For the Home Home Care Kit
Seasonal Perfume Joyfulness (natural perfume for Spring 2013)
Seasonal Sampler Spring Seasonal Sampler


For the Body
For the Mind and Emotions
For the Spirit
For the Seasons of Our Lives Youthful Adult:

Seasonal Perfume Midsummer’s Night Dream (natural perfume for summer 2013)
Seasonal Sampler Summer Seasonal Sampler


For the Body
For the Mind and Emotions
  • Transforming Fear Blend
  • Transforming Frustration Blend
  • Tranquility Blend
For the Spirit
  • Release and Surrender Blend
  • Intuition and Receptivity (Insights)
  • Smudge Sticks: Mugwort
  • Clear Intentions Blend
For the Seasons of Our Lives Midlife Years:

  • Vitality Blend
  • Healing Body, Mind, and Soul Massage Oil
  • Rejuvenating Facial Formula
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Products:

◦                      Breast Health Massage Oil

◦                      Scar Tissue Salve

Seasonal Perfume Balance (natural perfume)
Seasonal Sampler Autumn Seasonal Sampler


For the Body
For the Mind and Emotions
  • Peace and Restoration Blend
  • Fullness of Life Blend
  • Clarity of Mind Blend
  • Tending the Heart Blend (for people 
moving through grief)
  • Journeying the Depths Blend (for
  • Embrace Love Blend
For the Spirit
For the Seasons of Our Lives Mature:

  • Balancing Hormones (9 different essential oils for helping
with different hormonal issues)
  • Healing Touch Massage Oil
  • Femme Crème
  • Pain Relief Salve (for joint pain)
For the Home Home Care Kit
Seasonal Perfume Winter Solstice (natural perfume)
Seasonal Sampler Winter Seasonal Sampler