Soothing, cooling lotions, creams and salves bring comfort to the fire element of summer.

Gardener’s Salve – A wonderfully emollient and healing ointment packed with the skin healers myrrh, goldenseal, and hemp seed oil with a fresh aroma of juniper forests. Not just for gardeners but for anyone who suffers from dry, rough hands, scratches, and minor infected skin conditions. [button link=”” size=”small”]Order Now[/button]




Lavender Fields Body Lotion – A luxurious body lotion that restores your skin’s natural moisture and softness. Its fragrance is calming and cooling. This rich formula is perfect for all skin types and contains our high altitude lavender oil from Kashmir. [button link=”” size=”small”]Order Now[/button]




Rosa Damasc Crème – An aromatic and sensuously nourishing face and body cream with a rich yet sublet rose damask fragrance. For all skin types. This cream is beautiful, soothing and moisturizing especially for the face, neck and chest. [button link=”” size=”small”]Order Now[/button]





Luscious Body Butter – A rich and luxuriant botanical body butter that locks in moisture and helps to condition very dry, stressed skin and hair. [button link=”” size=”small”]Order Now[/button]





Passion Massage Oil – This beautifully fragrant massage oil is stimulating, sensual, and nourishing. The essential oils of ylang ylang and rose are well-known aphrodisiacs, both calming and sedative. Vetiver has a deep warm and sensuous undertone that is nourishing and strengthening.  Grapefruit adds an uplifting citrus fragrance. [button link=”” size=”small”]Order Now[/button]