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Solstice Update

Wishing you a  sacred Solstice and a Wonderful Holiday Season form all of us at Ancient Ways Botanicals. The following is written by Lena Stevens of www.thepowerpath.com Dear Friends, The Winter Solstice is on Friday, December 21 at 3:11 AM Pacific Time. This is one of the most important time frames in our history. Although […]

Chakra Yoga with Essential Oils

What a wonderful way to spend the morning yesterday.  Keri Johnson, our aromatherapist and yoga instructor, held a chakra balancing yoga workshop in preparation for the solstice. She lead us through 4 asanas for each chakra. She put a drop of essential oil specific to balancing each chakra on our palm before each set of […]

How do I find appreciation for my body in my midlife years?

I woke up this morning and the patches of bright yellow leaves on the changing oak trees were like patches of sunshine in my window. I was drawn outside into the “glorious boldness” of Autumn’s colors. Autumn represents the insightful, mid-life years. It is the season to reflect on life, to find deep peace in […]

How do we set clear intentions that help us manifest what we want in our lives?

I believe that we all have an incredible ability to manifest what we want in our lives by setting clear intentions. I am spending the weekend at my sister’s house in Boulder.  It is cold and beautiful. She lives in a dynamic place with expansive views of the Rockies, high mountain meadows, and aspen trees […]